For authorized expense advances and reimbursements, select the Expense Forms link (downloadable PDF) from the Expense Form folder to the right.

For lost time requests, select the Lost Time link (downloadable PDF) from the Expense Form folder to the right.

Note: To claim lost time reimbursement for attending official AFSCME Local 668 functions, please complete this form and submit the original to Local 668 Treasurer. Do not submit this form directly to AFSCME Council 5, as they will not process lost time claims without the appropriate signatures.

If you are a first-time claimant, or have not yet completed an IRS Form W-4, please do so. Council 5 needs to have one on file for you for payroll processing. You will need to do this only once unless you elect to make changes. Click Here to go to the IRS web site to download and print a W-4 form in PDF format. Do not use your browser's "Print" button; instead use the Acrobat "Print" button from the row of buttons directly on top of the form. Use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.


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